Qualities Employer Seek(雇主尋求的品質)

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   Qualities Employer Seek
     Knowing what an employer is looking for in a potential employee can help an applicant to prepare for an interview.An interviewer for a major corporation was asked these questions: What specific skills are you looking for in applicants?And how do you identify these skills? He responded:
      Most important for us in the way of skills is the ability to communicate  Can people speak clearly? Can they articulate the kind of person they believe themselves to be? In what kind of work situations do they perform well? What are their strengths and weaknesses? We want to know about the personal qualities of the individual, so I try to ask questions to draw them but and attempt to find out if they have a sense of themselves. If they do have good communication skills, they will be able to do this logically and concisely.
      I am looking for creativity  Can they be instinctive? I will ask some "off-the-wall" questions just to see if this throws them. How do they respond in these tough situations  can they be creative with their answers? This is very important when they are out in business situations with customers. They will have to respond to very sudden changes and problem-solving situations that they are not necessarily familiar with, and I want to know if they can handle them.
      What we look for the most are personal qualities assertiveness, self-motivation, drive, ambition, and a competitive instinct.They should be high achievers and want to work hard. I can usually tell about these qualities from the way the person presents himself or herself and some of the activities they have engaged in. I pick up things from the applications and resume  how they have written them and the kinds of things they say. How they present their experiences is often very informative. For example, an assertive person will say, "1 can do these things"and "1 decided on this course of action,"whereas a more passive person might say, "These are the experiences I have had. "All of these things describe the person in some way.


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